About our Research

Scientists from the Amsterdam School of Economics at the University of Amsterdam are researching the developments with regard to survival rates and life expectancies of population groups in the Netherlands and other countries and how these may be influenced by various factors. This involves looking at demographic trends, medical developments and local socioeconomic conditions, as well as the quality of our living environment.

Impact of a longer life expectancy

The research findings will provide insight into the financial and social consequences of a longer life expectancy in the Netherlands and other countries and these research results will be publicly available. Governments and other stakeholders, such as insurers and pension funds, have an interest in the research results as these will help them better plan their spending, income and investments. The research will also help improve the pricing of financial products related to life expectancy. Consumers will ultimately benefit from this.

Research projects at the Research Centre for Longevity Risk

A wide variety of research projects are carried out at the Research Centre for Longevity Risk (RCLR). The research is conducted by PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in cooperation with other junior and senior researchers at the research centre. The research results will be published on this website. 

Latest news

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