RCLR receives ZonMw grant to study COVID-19 excess mortality in the Netherlands



ZonMw logo for news 2023 Research Centre for Longevity Risk

ZonMw, the Dutch organisation for health research and development, has awarded a grant to RCLR researchers to investigate the link between excess mortality for different causes of death and personal characteristics, such as socio-economic variables, vaccination information and the local living environment.  

As more data for the COVID years become available we can get a much clearer picture of who in society has been affected most by the pandemic. Using datasets from CBS, the Dutch national office for statistics, we are planning to use mortality models to link individual characteristics to cause of death specific survival probabilities. 

ZonMw has been commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports to research the causes excess mortality during the pandemic. This important research will contribute to the prevention of excess deaths in future pandemics. A list of all awarded grants can be viewed on the ZonMw website. 

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