New research on excess mortality during the COVID pandemic

Frank van Berkum and Irene Simonetti


Dr. Frank van Berkum and Dr. Irene Simonetti collaborated on a piece of research that they will be presenting at a workshop the Research Centre for Longevity Risk is organising on the 18th of April at Cafe Droog in Amsterdam. 


Their research offers new insights into the impact the pandemic had on different of communities in the the Netherlands and the uptake of vaccinations among people in different demographic and socio-economic groups. In conducting their research, Frank and Irene had access to CBS mircodata and supercomupting which made it possible for them to conduct a very detailed analysis. 

Please click on this LINK to read more about their motivations to get involved in the research project, sponsored by ZonMw, and get a sneak preview of their preliminary results. If you would like to join us to learn more about their findings and participate in discussion, please register for our workshop on the 18th of April. 

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