Exploring the impact of socio-economic factors on human mortality and longevity



torsten kleinow 2022 e1672750366119 Research Centre for Longevity Risk

Join us for professor Kleinow’s inaugural lecture: live long and prosper.

During his lecture, professor Kleinow will explore the impact of socio-economic factors on human mortality and longevity, and provide an analysis of cause-specific mortality and related scenarios for future life expectancy.

Since Benjamin Gompertz published his law of mortality in the 1820’s, statisticians, actuaries and others have further developed models that aim to capture the age structure of mortality and the random improvements over time. As statistical models keep improving and more granular data become available, we are learning more about the differences in the life expectancies of different groups in society.

In the lecture, Kleinow will focus on models that incorporate socio-economic factors, like education, prosperity and the living environment. In the final part of the lecture he will look at the future of longevity and asking if the great improvements we have seen in the past few decades will continue. This final part will be based on studying cause-specific mortality rates.


The lecture is open to the public, please join us.


Where: Aula, Lutherse Kerk

Address: Singel 411, 1012 WN Amsterdam

When: January 18, 2023

Time: 16:30


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