Modelling and Societal Impact of Longevity and Ageing Conference



The Research Centre for Longevity Risk hosted its annual conference in Amsterdam on the 25th and 26th of May 2023. 

Along with 26 thought leaders from academia and industry, we are delighted to welcome our keynote speakers:


  • Wilbert Ouburg, Chief Risk Officer, NN Leven en Pensioen 
  • An Chen, University of Ulm 
  • Saul Newman, University of Oxford 

The focus of the conference was on quantitative aspects and policy implications of longevity with particular emphasis on the interplay of economics, demographic transition and societal change. Our speakers presented their research and papers under three broad themes: modelling, pensions, and life and longevity pricing.  

Socio-economic differences in mortality have widened in recent decades with some groups experiencing a decline in life expectancy while others are still benefiting from a longer and healthier life. At the same time, some causes of death, like cardio-vascular disease, have seen such strong improvements that they are now less common, with other causes becoming more frequent. The conference aimed to facilitate an exchange of ideas from researchers who approach the topic of longevity form different angles and to provide a platform for scientific discourse to broaden our understanding of the reasons and consequences of the changing longevity landscape. 

To read more about our speakers and abstracts of their talks, please download our  Conference Booklet


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