About RCLR


The Research Centre for Longevity Risk (RCLR) is an independent institute that researches developments in  survival rates and life expectancies of the population in the Netherlands and other countries and how these are influenced by various factors. This involves looking at demographic trends, medical developments and local socioeconomic conditions, as well as the quality of our living environment.

Over the last several decades, life expectancy has increased and it is expected to rise further in the future. This process involves uncertainty and challenges in areas such as the affordability and sustainability of pensions and health care. That is the reason behind the importance of gaining a better understanding of the financial and social consequences resulting from changes in life expectancy.

The research contributes to:

The researchers of this independent centre determine the research agenda themselves. All results will be public. The social relevance of the research is safeguarded by a Governance Board. In addition to the initiators , the Governance Board will also include representatives from fellow universities and other financial institutions.